Bright Future Assam provides Manpower Outsourcing

To best serve Bright Future Assam clients, Bright Future Assam customize recruiting solutions based on Bright Future Assam client company’s size, history, culture and vision. Placement North-East India offer both contingency and retained search and recruiting services. Placement North- East India assists our clients by providing solutions to all of their human resource placement needs. Our experienced staff knows and understands the various specialties in Human Resources.

  • D-Dedication towards helping our client to fulfill their HR staffing need.

  • D-Devotion towards closing the positions at right time.

  • D-Determination to place the right candidates at right place.

Placement North East India clients feel confident with our staffing services because Placement North East India keep your personal information confidential while seeking information. Being a reliable staffing consultant, our commitment is always towards providing you with the best in the market.

Want to keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts? The quality and variety of the employee training you provide is key for motivation. Reasons for employee training range from new-hire training about your operation, to introducing a new concept to a workgroup to bringing in a new computer system. Whatever your reason for conducting an employee training session, you need to develop the employee training within the framework of a comprehensive, ongoing, and consistent employee training program. This quality employee training program is essential to keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts and your department profitable

A solid new hire training program begins with the creation of an employee training manual, in either notebook format or online. This manual acts as a building block of practical and technical skills needed to prepare the new individual for his or her position. In order for the department to understand current policies and procedures, a manager must ensure the department manuals or online employee training are kept current. This includes any system enhancements and / or change in policy or procedure. In addition, keep the user in mind when designing training manuals or online training; keep the employee training material interesting for the learner. 

Much of this employee training and reference material belongs online these days in a company Intranet. But, if your organization is not ready to embrace the online world, keep the manuals up-to-date and interesting. When possible, in computer training, incorporate visual images of the computer screen (multi-media screen capture) to illustrate functions, examples, and how tos

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